Needle-type oxygen sensor, min 3 pcs


NTH NTH Schematic NTH Configuration Codes
NTH Schematic
NTH Configuration Codes


  • High spatial resolution (< 50 μm)
  • No self-consumption of oxygen
  • Penetration probe for insertion into vessels, sediments or biofilms
  • Penetration through septa or skin
  • Easy to handle
  • Different needle sizes and lengths available
  • Signal independent on flow velocity
  • High temporal and spatial resolution
  • No time for polarization necessary
  • Insensitive towards electrical interferences and magnetic fields
  • Measures oxygen in both liquids and the gas phase
  • Optimal measuring range from 0 to 50 % oxygen (0-22.6 mg/L)
  • Maximum measuring range from 0 to 100 % oxygen
  • Limit of detection 0.2 % air-sat, 20 μmol/L
  • Sterilizable (H2O2, EtOH)


Needle-type oxygen microsensor NTH is the miniaturized fiber optic chemical sensor designed for all research applications were a small tip size from 50 μm to 140 μm and fast response time (typ. 1 sec) are necessary. Needle-type oxygen microsensors are ideal for animal physiology or for oxygen distribution profiling in sediment or biofilms with micro-manipulators, and with a high spatial resolution (50 μm). The oxygen-sensitive tip of an optical fiber is protected inside a stainless steel needle. Such a design is the best for an easy penetration through a rubber septum or any other harsh material as well as for transportation. The fiber tip with its oxygen-sensitive coating has to be extended out of the steel needle for measurement. Fiber cables with a length up to 10 m and an outer diameter of 0.9 mm are available. If you need a more robust cable (OD 3.1 mm) or a cable length of more than 10 m (maximum 60 m), please contact us.


This is product data for the selected system:

Measurement range 0 - 235 % air saturation
Limit of detection +/- 0.30 % air saturation
Resolution +/- 2 % air saturation
Accuracy +/- 2 % air saturation
Response Time < 30 sec
Precision +/- 1 % air saturation


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