Terms and Conditions

Company ID
VAT (tax) number: DK 27 46 78 49
REX number is: DKREX161900603

Sales terms
INCOTERMS 2010 (http://www.iccwbo.org/products-and-services/trade-facilitation/incoterms-2010/)

Loligo® Systems ApS (VAT No: DK27467849) will accept orders from registered institutions and businesses only. No orders from consumers (private persons) are accepted. We accept signed purchase orders via email and webshop credit card orders (Mastercard, Visa).

Pricing and invoicing
All prices published on our website (www.loligosystems.com) are in Euro (€, EUR) funds and excluding VAT, taxes, duties/customs charges, and handling. We reserve the right to correct misprinted prices without prior notice.

Payment terms
100 % T/T full prepayment in advance. Late payments result in a 1st reminder, and 2nd reminder after two weeks with an added 75 EUR collecting fee, and +4 % penal interests per due month hereafter. In case of legal recovery, customers are charged a fee plus all expenses for the collection procedures.

Bank account payment
Electronic funds transfer (i.e., wire transfer) to our bank account. Payer's bank fees paid by payer. This includes fees from any corresponding bank. Payee's bank fees paid by us (Loligo® Systems). See details here: https://loligosystems.com/information/bank-info/

Credit card payment

We accept payments made with VISA and Mastercard credit cards valid for international use and with 3D security enabled. We charge a credit card fee of 2.1 %. Loligo® Systems use certified partners (QuickPay and PBS) to ensure that all of our customers information is protected from theft, tampering or unauthorized use. At no time is any customer credit card information available through on-line connections. Upon payment your card information is sent directly to an approved server. The server is an SSL-based solution (Secure Socket Layer), and all data transferred between you and the server is encrypted. This ensures that no one can monitor or intercept the information you enter on our site.

Bank cheque payment
WE DO NOT ACCEPT BANK CHECKS as a method of payment, and any bank checks that we receive will be returned at the expense of the sender. Due payment date will not be changed due to such procedures.

Shipping policy

For international orders, Loligo® Systems ships all merchandise by express service. Shipping charges will depend upon the item size, weight, and destination. We will ship our products to anywhere in the world without exception, provided the location is served by one of our partners. To our knowledge, there are no embargos or security blockades against shipping any of our products to any country. If your destination is not served by our partners, we will secure alternative shippers to satisfy your requirements. If customers wish Loligo® Systems to use a shipper of their own choice, they should contact us directly prior to placing their order. Please be advised that Loligo® Systems is not liable for paying any local import taxes, customs charges, duties, VAT, or shipping brokerage fees imposed by/in the importing country.