Affordable New Swim Tunnel Controller

Thu, Oct 26 2017

We have launched a new Bluetooth device, DAQ-BT, for wireless control of Loligo® swim tunnels for a much lower price than before!

The DAQ-BT allows for automated velocity data acquisition and control, and is fully compatible with our AutoSwim software for automated swim tunnel control, AutoResp™ software for intermittent respirometry and the Bluetooth power strip.

The wireless Bluetooth communication enables you to have your swim tunnel setup at a safe distance to your PC. No more tripping over wires, zero water splish-splashes on your PC and no need to use a grounded stationary desktop PC; the DAQ-BT can run straight from your laptop.

Most importantly, the Bluetooth technology allows you to connect multiple DAQ-BT to one Windows computer and thus operate multiple swim tunnels from a single laptop PC.

We hope that the new DAQ-BT controller will become a useful assistant in your swim tunnel work. Feel free to let us know how you use your DAQ-BT.

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