ANIMAL PAIN - PhD course

Sun, Sept 17 2017

PhD course 
Animal pain 5-9 March 2018 (5 ECTS) - Copenhagen - Denmark  

To give PhD-students an overview of the concept of animal pain from a biological perspective. The course is based on presentations and lectures by internationally recognised researchers and practitioners, participants presenting relevant parts of their projects, combined with group work and plenary discussions. The final part of the course constitutes a written project.

Target group 
PhD students and researchers within science, veterinary, agricultural and health sciences working with animals, including animal model studies, experimentation, in zoo and animal parks, and with scientific questions related to animal pain.

Key lectures:
Prof. Craig B. Johnson, Massey University, New Zealand: What is pain and who feels it – from fetus to the end of life?

Prof. Robert Elwood, Queen’s University Belfast, United Kingdom: Comparative aspects of animal pain – how can we detect it?

Ass. Prof. Klas Abelson, University of Copenhagen, Denmark: The use of animal models to develop pain-relieving drugs

The course is organized by Aarhus University and University of Copenhagen. For more information about registration at: 


Photos by Liat Romme Thomsen (Aarhus University), Pierpaolo Di Giminiani (University of Newcastle) and
Janne Hansen (Aarhus University)

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