Introducing the new LoliGO App

Wed, May 29 2024

We are excited to offer users of Loligo® software this new free and useful tool.



The LoliGO App is a smartphone application for Android and iOS that allows users to remotely monitor their experiments while having the option of getting push notifications in case of power outs in the lab, computer failures, or alarms based on water quality thresholds – like if the temperature gets critically high in your respirometry chambers.




The LoliGO App uses a secure cloud-based service to handle data sent from the Loligo® software and to the App. Users can set up a user profile, and multiple users can access the same user profile at the same time (if they know the password!) aka you can have a shared lab profile.

You cannot alter or stop experiments from the app, and you cannot export or otherwise gain access to the raw data from the app. Completed experiment data will be automatically deleted from the app after 14 days.

The LoliGO App is free to use, and is currently compatible with AutoResp™ v3, and the app will be available with future updates of other Loligo® software soon.

Download the latest version of the LoliGO App:

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