Loligo® Prize Winners

Thu, Nov 09 2017

Dr. Björn Illing (JCU) and Murray Duncan (Rhodes University) both won early-career researcher prize money from Loligo® during the 10th Indo-Pacific Fish Conference in Tahiti; each brought home $500 as a result of their strong research within the fields of fish physiology.

Both early-career researchers presented their hard work during the Conservation Physiology of the Indo-Pacific Fishes: Facing problems and finding solutions session. One of the winners, Dr. Björn Illing, talked about ”How physiology can support the management and conservation of coral reef fishes” while the other winner, Murray Duncan, presented his findings on how “Marine protected areas provide species with physiological resilience to the impacts of climate change”. The winners can be seen smiling on the picture of this article.

We wish Dr. Björn Illing and Murray Duncan all the best for their future research careers.

By courtesy of Dr. Jodie Rummer.

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