Metabolic rate in Daphnia magna

Tue, Apr 02 2019

Prof. Sigurd Einum from NTNU, Norway, and his collaborators, used our high-throughput microplate respirometry system to analyze the genetic variation in metabolic rate and correlations with other energy budget components and life history in Daphnia magna. Specifically, the microplate respirometry system allowed the team to examine 20 individual Daphnia (and four control wells with no animals) per plate totaling 288 individuals analyzed by measuring the oxygen concentration in each microplate well every 3 min. for 120-150 min. The results show that metabolic rate is positively correlated with body size, and suggest that genetic variance in food consumption is the single most influential trait shaping somatic growth rate, but that additional variance in growth can be explained by considering the joint effect of consumption and metabolic rate.

Full article:

Genetic Variation in Metabolic Rate and Correlations with Other Energy Budget Components and Life History in Daphnia magna
Sigurd Einum, Erlend I. F. Fossen, Victor Parry and Christophe Pélabon (2019)
Evolutionary Biology

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