Microplate Respirometry Software Tool

Wed, Dec 20 2017

We present a new software called MicroResp™ for users of our microplate respirometry systems.

MicroResp™ is user-friendly software for Windows that will automate microplate respirometry, calculate and analyze respiration data, and get the most out of your oxygen microplate reader.

It replaces old and current programs entirely as this one piece of software handles device communication, calibration, data acquisition, analysis, and statistics.

Hence, this software will save you a lot of time for experiments and post-analysis, and provide more accurate oxygen and MO2 data with a higher time resolution. 


  • Individual sensor spot calibration (2-points)
  • Faster sampling rate (<5 sec)
  • Randomize wells (control/treatment)
  • Graph/Analyze data based on treatments
  • Calculate respiration rates in real-time
  • Compensate for background respiration
  • Normalize oxygen values
  • Operate multiple readers from a single PC
  • Save data, graphs and statistics to Excel file

Feel free to ask us any questions about MicroResp™ or contact us about a quote.


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