MO2 near Ucrit in rainbow trout

Tue, Jun 25 2019

Yangfan Zhang and his collaborators from University of British Columbia, Canada, used a 10 L Loligo® swim tunnel to assess the dynamic nature of ṀO2active near Ucrit in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss). The researchers used various sampling windows and introduced an iterative algorithm which generated a 23 % higher peak ṀO2active compared to conventional ṀOsampling rates and interval regression analysis of ṀO2active.
In the current version of 
AutoResp, calculating ṀO2active near Ucrit is also possible by enabling the mode “Closed respirometry” during this critical phase. This mode enables you to get MO2 values on-the-fly for any time interval you prefer!

Full article:

Finding the peak of dynamic oxygen uptake during fatiguing exercise in fish
Yangfan Zhang, Matthew J. H. Gilbert, Anthony P. Farrell (2019)
Journal of Experimental Biology

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