New Automated Ucrit Systems

Fri, Feb 09 2018

If you are using a Loligo® swim tunnel for swim trials only (no O2 measurements), our new AutoSwim software will automate water velocity control via a wireless Bluetooth device (DAQ-BT).

Our complete systems for swimming performance includes a swim tunnel, our new and user-friendly AutoSwim software and everything needed for automated water velocity control and calibration. Applications include:

  • Ucrit tests
  • Swimming behavior
  • Forced exercise
  • Swimming kinematics

As well as experiments requiring accurate and computerized control of activity level/swimming speed.

We offer a variety of mini, large and very large swim tunnels that are suitable for animals ranging in sizes from 1 g – 15 kg, and can withstand water velocities from 0.7 – 200 cm/s.

Feel free to contact us regarding a quote or if you have any questions about our complete systems for swimming performance.

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