NEW LoliTrack 5 update

Thu, Sept 24 2020

A new updated LoliTrack version 5.1.0 is now available and free to download and install for all LoliTrack 5.x.x users:

New features include:

  • The distance from animal(s) to center of zone(s) can be logged and exported.
  • % of time spend in zone(s) can be logged an exported.
  • Masks can be individually saved and loaded.
  • Zones have the same look-and-feel as masks and can now be rotated.
  • Arrow keys can be used to scroll on the timeline.
  • Duration of selected timeline intervals are now shown.

Minor bug fixes:

  • Timeline fixed to behave correctly with respect to frame rate.
  • Microplate object tracking ‘escapes' from the wells have been fixed.
  • When changing frame rates of uEye cameras, the pixel clock is set to the highest possible.
  • 3D Excel exported frames without data are now exported with empty fields.
  • Fixed an issue where pop-up windows would slow down or crash the software.
  • Improved speed of object auto-selection of multiple objects.
  • Improved camera communication.
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