New MicroResp™ version 1.1.0

Tue, Dec 12 2023

We have updated the MicroResp™ application to version 1.1.0. You can download this latest version here:


Download MicroResp™ 1.1.0


MicroResp™ 1.1.0 introduces some exciting new features including MO2 measurements in in air/gas for scientists working with air-breathers like adult insects (e.g., Drosophila, mosquitoes, solitary bees, midges, etc.) or terrestrial invertebrates (e.g., amphipods, isopods, etc.). Simply enable this feature in the Settings tab, while running an experiment, and enter the relative humidity below.


Another requested feature is that you can now specify the number of organisms per well. Previously, MicroResp™ assumed that you had the same number of organisms in each well, but you can now set the individual number for each of the 24 wells, and get MO2 values per organism. Enable “Set individual” under Organisms per well in the Settings tab, and then type in the number of organisms for each well.



Finally, we have added a timestamp to each MO2 value in the data file.


Download MicroResp™ 1.1.0

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