New open flume tank

Fri, Oct 09 2020

We have introduced a new product to our portfolio.

This Open flume tank is for force-swimming individual or groups of fry-juvenile zebrafish; or anything aquatic and similar sized, for that matter. This system is ideal for zebrafish phenotyping, swimming performance, exercise physiology, behavior etc. in freshwater or seawater species. The water velocity (= swimming speed) can be adjusted using the included diaphragm valve and paddlewheel flow sensor, and can be adjusted from 2-28 cm/s. The tank has an open test section meaning that introducing, accessing, and removing the animal is a breeze. The section provides a clear view (e.g., for filming) from four angles (left, right, above and below). It is also possible to adjust the water depth by switching between the included weirs.

The open flume tank was developed with versatility and high-throughput in mind.

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