New oxygen and temperature control systems

Fri, Mar 16 2018

Our new WitroxCTRL systems allow wireless monitoring, logging and control of water temperature and oxygen saturation in up to 24 independent tanks from a single computer.

The system comes with user-friendly software and all necessary hardware, except for a PC.


  •          Fiber optic oxygen sensing technology
  •          Manage up to 24 independent tanks
  •          WitroxCTRL software with intuitive user interface
  •          Easy calibration
  •          Choose any measuring unit
  •          Create automated protocols (stat, steps, sinusoid, custom control)
  •          Unbeaten accuracy and stability of oxygen and temperature sensing
  •          Maintenance free operation
  •          For use with full strength sea water or freshwater

Visit our website to learn more about the capabilities of the WitroxCTRL system. Feel free to contact us regarding a quote or if you have any questions about our new oxygen and temperature control system.

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