New Shuttle Box Systems

Thu, Oct 28 2021

Check out our new shuttle box systems

We offer complete and fully automated shuttle box systems for preference/avoidance experiments in aquatic invertebrates and fish. The systems include all the necessary hardware and software for experiments with temperature, oxygen, salinity, pH/CO2, and combinations hereof.

Simply choose a core shuttle box system, and then add up to two add-on shuttle box systems to run a full featured 3-tank setup. In other words, you can now run three shuttle tanks at the same time, and you can even track multiple objects per tank thanks to our new ShuttleSoft 3 software.



For the first time since 2009, a new and major upgraded version of our ShuttleSoft software is available! ShuttleSoft 3 is compatible with almost all video files and cameras, and with our new industrial grade LAN/Bluetooth power strip (PowerX4) for pump/valve control, and WTW data logger interface – our Shuttle Box Systems for animal preference/avoidance behavior have never been smarter.

The new PowerX4.

Current users of ShuttleSoft, as well as newcomers to shuttle box experiments, will appreciate the many new time-saving features and user-friendly software, as well as a detailed data analysis and statistics section, and improved performance in an intelligible, clean-looking software.

Live overview of shuttle tank water parameter regulation.

One of the main benefits is the video performance enhancement and multiple tank operation. ShuttleSoft 3 can handle simultaneous recording, logging, and regulation in up to three shuttle tanks at a time – all from a single PC. You also have the option of tracking multiple animals per tank, which means that you can run Shuttle Box experiments with much higher throughput than before.

You can also record videos of your static and dynamic shuttle box experiments directly in ShuttleSoft 3 – a good tool for documentation. Static experiments videos can then be tracked and analyzed whenever you want with the new offline video file tracking functionality. And ShuttleSoft now supports a long list of camera models and video file formats.

Another new feature in ShuttleSoft 3, is the built-in data analysis section. This functionality allows the user to see statistics and visual representations of your data. And if you are running live experiments, all data are shown live as well!

Live data representation from a running shuttle box experiment.

ShuttleSoft 3 connects seamlessly with required hardware for video capture and water quality control via LAN, Bluetooth, and USB. No more analog signals (read: no more noise)! Use the handheld 3310 meters from German WTW for sensing temperatureoxygensalinity, and pH/CO2, or our Witrox instrument for oxygen and temperature experiments.

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I want to try a demo!

You can download and try a free demo version of ShuttleSoft 3 with limited functionality.

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Feel free to contact us any time with questions or concerns. If you prefer to discuss via a video meeting, we will be happy to arrange a session.

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