New software for swim tunnels

Thu, Oct 19 2017

We are happy to announce our latest software solution: AutoSwim!

AutoSwim allows for automated control of water velocity in up to seven Loligo® swim tunnels using only a single PC. Important features are:

  •          Adjust swimming velocity, e.g. in BL/sec
  •          Correct for solid blocking effect
  •          Full- or semiautomated calibration
  •          Create automated user-defined protocols

The AutoSwim software requires our wireless swim tunnel controller, DAQ-BT, and a Windows operating system to function. AutoSwim is made for swim tunnel applications not requiring oxygen consumption measurements, as our more expensive AutoResp™ software will then be the software to use.

We hope that this new software will come in handy. Feel free to ask us any questions regarding AutoSwim.

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