Sponsorship 2024

Mon, Apr 29 2024

Once again, we are honored to be supporting the scientific community. In 2024, we are sponsoring a list of symposia, workshops, and meetings, and we encourage all interested to take a closer look at the following events:

  • We have sponsored travel money for invited speakers at the very interesting SEB 2024 Symposium ”Balancing energy acquisition, expenditure, and allocation in an ever-changing world” through Dr. Amanda Pettersen (co-chairs: Neal Dawson, Ed Ivimey-Cook), and we hope to see you all for a great event in Prague, July 2-5!

  • We have donated cash to support students going to the CSZ-SCZ annual meeting on May 6-10, 2024, in Moncton, NB.

    CSZ-SCZ 2024 - Home / Accueil (cszsczmoncton2024.com)

  • Once again, we have accepted to be ICBF 2024 Student Travel Sponsors to help young people participate in this biennial meeting.

    International Congress on the Biology of Fish 2024 | 15th (michiganseagrant.org)

    We also support this meeting through a Lake Superior Sponsorship and participate as exhibitors as we did for nine (9) consecutive ICBF meetings

    See you in Ann Arbor Jun 23-27!

  • We are proud sponsors of the 47th annual Larval Fish Conference in Huron, Ohio, on May 12-16, and hope that it will be a great event.

    47th Larval Fish Conference

  • We are also proud sponsors of the upcoming Midwest Zebrafish Conference 2024 taking place June 7-9 at Washington University in St. Louis.

    Check out the meeting right here: Midwest Zebrafish Meeting 2024

  • We give financial support to a workshop on metabolism in animal ecophysiology arranged by Dr. Christel LeFrancois, Dr. Marie Vagner (Brest) and Dr. Loïc Teulier (Lyon). This seminar will take place on October 2-3, 2024, in La Rochelle, France.

    For more details, please visit: https://www.rt-metabolica.cnrs.fr/
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