Why upgrade to LoliTrack 5?

Thu, Jan 30 2020

The latest version of LoliTrack is out! This major upgraded version features many improvements and additions as well as a much faster performance on regular PCs.

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LoliTrack 5 includes several tracking tools that will save a lot of time. An example is tracking organisms in 24-, 48-, and 96-well microtiter plates for fast screening of activity levels or locomotion:

Another example is that LoliTrack 5 can identify specific body points (tail, head, midline center, center of gravity) as well as the object midline which is especially useful for studying kinematics (tail beat frequency, body oscillations etc.) or specific behavior (direction of orientation or movement, turning rate etc.). A new parameter, “BEND”, can be calculated as well giving body angles, i.e., for automated tracking of tailbeat frequency or other body oscillations:

Nearest Neighbor Distance / Inter-Individual Distance
You can export a visual representation as well as the position data for nearest neighbor distance and inter-individual distance for multiple objects:

Heat mapping is now an option as well for specific parameters like position, speed, acceleration etc.:

Other important updates include the possibility to correct tracking errors like object identity switching or even if the object leaves and re-enters the arena.

LoliTrack 5 supports 3D tracking and analysis. With two cameras (or video files), users can track and analysis the behavior of a single object in 3D. The 3D tracking feature further allows exporting the trajectories as a 3D model or as video for data presentation:

LoliTrack 5 has been optimized with performance in mind. On regular Windows 10 PCs, users of LoliTrack 5 will find that calibrating, creating filters and indeed tracking runs more smoothly and faster compared to the previous version, LoliTrack 4. The follow diagram shows six examples of how many seconds it took to track the same video in LoliTrack 5 compared to LoliTrack 4:

LoliTrack 5 now supports most video file formats unlike previous version that only handled .AVI files.

Another new feature in LoliTrack 5 is the built-in video recorder. The video recorder allows the user to capture and edit videos from within LoliTrack 5 using most cameras connected to the PC.

The entire LoliTrack 5 interface has been redesigned to meet today’s clean and streamlined user demands. Tracking a video follows an intuitive step-by-step procedure: Load video file > Calibration > Masking > Filtering > Tracking > Analysis. Several time-saving features have been added; including the option to track a user-defined interval of the entire video or to quickly define the filter by subtracting the background.

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