Zebrafish critical swimming speed

Tue, May 08 2018

Dr. Maria Bertuzzi & Dr. Konstantinos Ampatzis from Karolinska Institutet used a Loligo® 5 L swim tunnel respirometer to test the critical swimming speed (Ucrit) in multiple adult zebrafish. The researchers investigated the functional flexibility of motoneurons and how the neurons execute locomotion at different speeds. Specifically, Bertuzzi & Ampatzis found that cholinergic interneurons are present in the zebrafish spinal cord and differentially control the excitability of distinct classes of motoneurons (slow, intermediate and fast) in a muscarinic dependent manner. Their unexpected findings are published in Nature’s Scientific ReportsScientific Reports.

Full article:

Spinal cholinergic interneurons differentially control motoneuron excitability and alter the locomotor network operational range

Maria Bertuzzi & Konstantinos Ampatzis (2018)

Scientific Reports

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