Shuttle tank


Shuttle Tank Above
Shuttle Tank Above

Shuttle tank for testing aquatic animal behavior in different controlled environments.

Use our tank to test the behavior of animals moving freely between zones of different water temperature, oxygen, salinity, turbidity, pollutants etc. It is also possible to set up a combination of different environmental effects, e.g., simultaneous exposure to increased temperatures and oxygen depletion.

The Shuttle tank is an 8-figure shaped tank in which an animal can shuttle between two compartments via a short passage. Water is slowly rotating inside each sub compartment preventing any mixing of water between the two.


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Size 300 x 300 mm
Foot print 700 x 325 mm
Fittings OD 11 mm
Height 150 mm
Fish length (TL) < 12 cm


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IR Light Panel
IR light panel

(700 x 310mm)

Test tanks

Shuttle Buffertank
Buffer tank for Shuttle tank



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