Bluetooth LE dongle for USB

Bluetooth LE Dongle For USB (1)
Bluetooth LE Dongle For USB (1)


  • Bluetooth v.4.0, single mode compliant
    • Supports master and slave modes
    • Supports up to eight connections
  • Integrated Bluetooth Smart stack
    • GAP, GATT, L2CAP and SMP
    • Bluetooth Smart profiles
  • Radio performance
    • Transmit power : +0 dBm to -27 dBm
    • Receiver sensitivity: -91 dBm
  • Host interfaces
    • USB (virtual COM port emulation)


The Bluetooth LE dongle integrates all Bluetooth Smart features. The USB dongle creates a virtual COM port that enables simple host application development using a simple application programming interface. The dongle can be used for Bluetooth Smart development.


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