AutoResp™ v3 in under 3 min.

Tue, Jun 13 2023

AutoResp™ v3 is here. Learn more about this major upgrade by watching this short video:



New features in AutoResp™ v3 are:

  • High Throughput – up to 20 resting chambers or 10 swim tunnels
  • NEW hardware for either LAN/Ethernet (cabled) or Bluetooth (wireless) PC communication
  • NEW Analysis Outputs with Aerobic Scope, Cost of Transport, EPOC, Maximum Metabolic Rate, etc.
  • NEW Allometric Scaling Function
  • NEW Temperature Normalization Function
  • Independent control of chamber pumps for increased throughput when working with multiple chambers
  • Multiple respirometry modes, e.g., time, min/max O2 levels, min R2.
  • Re-designed user interface with animated setups and guides
  • Comprehensive analysis dashboard with across experiments, treatments, and blanks statistics
  • Windows 11 compatible


Learn more about AutoResp™ v3.

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