Fish resting respirometry 101

Thu, Apr 04 2024

Image: Male toadfish showing strong paternal care for 10 DPF brood. Image by Martin Grosell, RSMAS, University of Miami.

If you are looking for a solid fish respirometry and hypoxia paper with thorough explanations on methods, protocols, and data analysis, look no further than this 2023 publication by LeeAnn Frank, Joseph Serafy, and Prof. Martin Grosell from the Rosenstiel School of Marine, Atmospheric, and Earth Science, University of Miami.

A large aerobic scope and complex regulatory abilities confer hypoxia tolerance in larval toadfish, Opsanus beta, across a wide thermal range

Frank, LeeAnn; Serafy, Joseph; Grosell, Martin (2023)

Science of The Total Environment

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The team of researchers provides an easy-to-follow methodical description on how to measure standard metabolic rate (SMR), routine metabolic rate (RMR), maximum metabolic rate (MMR), and aerobic scope (absolute and factorial) as well as how to assess the regulation index, P50, and Excessive Post Hypoxia Consumption (EPHOC) data in larval toadfish (Opsanus beta) over a range of their environmental temperatures. In addition to the detailed materials and method section, the authors supply the article with a manageable overview on how to analyze such respirometry data and which data parameters to include. The data are effectively illustrated using an assortment of data graphs, plots, and tables.

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