New “Fish gym”: Shubin and Di Santo Explore Fish Locomotion

Fri, Aug 04 2023

Loligo® Systems is thrilled to announce that our treadmill swim tunnel is being utilized at University of Chicago’s MBL (Marine Biological Laboratory) by Professor Neil Shubin of the University of Chicago, and Dr. Valentina Di Santo from Stockholm.

The treadmill allows Shubin and Di Santo to create controlled flow conditions, simulating a wide range of water velocities, while separately controlling a motorized, transparent belt underneath the fish. Their research aims to provide critical insights into how fish adapt, move, and interact with their environment, contributing to the understanding of ecology, evolution, and conservation.

Want to know more about how Shubin and Di Santo are using our treadmill swim tunnel? Dive into the full story at Welcome to the Fish Gym - Shubin Di Santo Lab.

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