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IR light panel

From 1,680.00 (EUR)

Use this infra-red light panel for backlighting of animal tanks, cages or mazes made in translucent materials like clear or white plastic and glass. For contrast based video tracking (e.g. LoliTrack and ShuttleSoft) backlighting will eliminate common problems like reflections, diurnal light cycles, or cryptic animals changing color.

Infra-red light is invisible for most animals, but digital cameras are highly sensitive to this range of wavelengths resulting in sharp and well-illuminated images even at low or zero ambient light intensities, e.g. you can track animals in the dark.

Retro-reflective adhesive foil per meter

130.00 (EUR)

Scotchlite self-adhesive foil is used to provide a high-contrast background for video filming animals, e.g. kinematics or slow-motion analysis.

The reflective foil act as an passive reflective marker, and tags can be cut out of the foil in any sizes or shape, attached to animals or any object to improve video tracking performance.

The reflective tags are particular helpful for motion analysis systems based on contrast like LoliTrack, since they will appear as bright white dots in contrast to dark surroundings. Perfect results can be made with a CCD camera and the use of an infra-red light source.