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Hose barbed straight

From 2.00 (EUR)

Plastic hose barb fitting for ID 3-4 mm tubing and with a male thread.

Hose barbed elbow

From 2.50 (EUR)

Plastic hose barbed elbow fitting for ID 3.14 - 4.79 mm tubing.

This fitting is ideal to use with the tubing for our 170 and 1500 ml swim tunnels to avoid tube kinks and to reduce overall tube volume.

Hose barbed Y

From 2.50 (EUR)

Polypropylene Y-connector for ID 1.5 mm tubing.

Hose barbed reduction

From 2.50 (EUR)


  • Use where a reduction in tubing diameter is needed
  • Use to reduce tubing flow


The 1.6 / 3.2 mm tube reduction fitting is ideal for reducing the diameter of the tubing, e.g., in a resting chamber setup. If the pump flow of water is too fast, you can introduce a reduction fitting along with tubing with smaller inner diameter (ID) to reduce the overall flow.

Tube connector, 10 pcs

From 35.00 (EUR)

Standard tube connectors in plastic for tubing.

Threaded PVC stopper

7.00 (EUR)

Threaded PVC stopper for sealing fitting ports.

Stainless tube connector

From 10.00 (EUR)


  • Fast temperature equilibration in glass resting chambers
  • High-quality stainless-steel tube
  • Different tube diameters and lengths for different chamber lengths


These stainless-steel tube connectors improve the temperature control of the glass resting chambers. The surrounding water in the water bath will heat/cool the water inside the tube much faster in the metal tube than in regular plastic tubing. The steel materials will also allow better sterilization with various techniques/chemicals. The tubes come with different diameter and lengths to provide optimal heat transfer in the various sizes of glass chambers.