Published papers

Enhanced neurotoxic effect of PCB-153 when co-exposed with polystyrene nanoplastics in zebrafish larvae

Varshney, Shubham; Hegstad-Pettersen, Mia M; Siriyappagouder, Prabhugouda; Olsvik, Pål A (2024)


Temperature and hypoxia trigger developmental phenotypic plasticity of cardiorespiratory physiology and growth in the parthenogenetic marbled crayfish, Procambarus virginalis Lyko, 2017

Göpel, Torben; Burggren, Warren W (2024)

Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part A: Molecular & Integrative Physiology

Evaluation of Tacrolimus’ Adverse Effects on Zebrafish in Larval and Adult Stages by Using Multiple Physiological and Behavioral Endpoints

Feng, Wen-Wei; Chen, Hsiu-Chao; Audira, Gilbert; Suryanto, Michael Edbert; Saputra, Ferry; Kurnia, Kevin Adi; Vasquez, Ross D; Casuga, Franelyne P; Lai, Yu-Heng; Hsiao, Chung-Der (2024)


Ecotoxicological assessment of Cu-rich acid mine drainage of Sulitjelma mine using zebrafish larvae as an animal model

Varshney, Shubham; Lundås, Mikkel; Siriyappagouder, Prabhugouda; Kristensen, Torstein; Olsvik, Pål A (2024)

Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety

Intergenerational plasticity aligns with temperature-dependent selection on offspring metabolic rates

Pettersen, Amanda K; Metcalfe, Neil B; Seebacher, Frank (2024)

Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B

Acute heat priming promotes short-term climate resilience of early life stages in a model sea anemone

Glass, Benjamin H; Jones, Katelyn G; Angela, C Ye; Dworetzky, Anna G; Barott, Katie L (2023)


Effects of temperature on metabolic rate during metamorphosis in the alfalfa leafcutting bee

Earls, Kayla N; Campbell, Jacob B; Rinehart, Joseph P; Greenlee, Kendra J (2023)

Biology Open

Linking the metabolic rate of individuals to species ecology and life history in key Arctic copepods

Karlsson, Konrad; Søreide, Janne E (2023)

Marine Biology

The Effect of the Pyrethroid Pesticide Fenpropathrin on the Cardiac Performance of Zebrafish and the Potential Mechanism of Toxicity

Saputra, Ferry; Lai, Yu-Heng; Roldan, Marri Jmelou M; Alos, Honeymae C; Aventurado, Charlaine A; Vasquez, Ross D; Hsiao, Chung-Der (2023)


The effect of chemical dispersion and temperature on the metabolic and cardiac responses to physically dispersed crude oil exposure in larval American lobster (Homarus americanus)

Scovil, Allie M; Boloori, Tahereh; de Jourdan, Benjamin P; Speers-Roesch, Ben (2023)

Marine Pollution Bulletin

Environmental concentrations of tire rubber-derived 6PPD-quinone alter CNS function in zebrafish larvae

Ricarte, Marina; Prats, Eva; Montemurro, Nicola; Bedrossiantz, Juliette; Bellot, Marina; Gómez-Canela, Cristian; Raldúa, Demetrio (2023)

Science of the Total Environment

Early-life exposure to permethrin affects phenotypic traits in both larval and adult mangrove rivulus Kryptolebias marmoratus

Mathiron, Anthony GE; Gallego, Gil; Silvestre, Frédéric (2023)

Aquatic Toxicology

Effects of brood viability and rising temperature on oxygen consumption of freshwater mussel glochidia (Bivalvia: Unionidae)

Fluharty, Ryan S; Abdelrahman, Hisham A; Stoeckel, James A (2023)

Canadian Journal of Zoology

Physiological and morphological plasticity in Stylophora pistillata larvae from Eilat, Israel, to shallow and mesophotic light conditions

Bellworthy, Jessica; Pardo, Rachel; Scucchia, Federica; Zaslansky, Paul; Goodbody-Gringley, Gretchen; Mass, Tali (2023)


A novel automated method for the simultaneous detection of breathing frequency and amplitude in zebrafish (Danio rerio) embryos and larvae

Kämmer, Nadine; Reimann, Tanja; Ovcharova, Viktoriia; Braunbeck, Thomas (2023)

Aquatic Toxicology

Physiological response of Aurelia coerulea polyps to elevated seasonal temperatures

Sun, Tingting; Luo, Ziyi; Peng, Saijun; Schiariti, Agustin; Du, Chong; Zhao, Jianmin; Dong, Zhijun (2023)


Increased Food Resources Help Eastern Oyster Mitigate the Negative Impacts of Coastal Acidification

Schwaner, Caroline; Barbosa, Michelle; Schwemmer, Teresa G; Pales Espinosa, Emmanuelle; Allam, Bassem (2023)


Fine scale environmental variability and physiological tolerance influence invertebrate larval communities from a human-impacted mangrove in Hong Kong

Vorsatz, Lyle Dennis; Porri, Francesca; Pattrick, Paula; Cannicci, Stefano (2022)

Regional Environmental Change

Cryopreservation and revival of Hawaiian stony corals via isochoric vitrification

Powell-Palm, Matthew J; Henley, E Michael; Consiglio, Anthony N; Lager, Claire; Chang, Brooke; Perry, Riley; Fitzgerald, Kendall; Daly, Jonathan; Rubinsky, Boris; Hagedorn, Mary (2023)


Similar metabolic responses of co-occurring post-settlement mussels to temperature change despite distinct geographical distributions

Nel, Aldi; McQuaid, Christopher D; Duna, Olwethu O; Giménez, Luis; Porri, Francesca (2023)

Marine Biology

Carryover effects of environmental stressors influence the life performance of brown trout

Louhi, Pauliina; Pettinau, Luca; Härkönen, Laura S; Anttila, Katja; Huusko, Ari (2023)


Thermal acclimation and metabolic scaling of a groundwater asellid in the climate change scenario

Di Lorenzo, Tiziana; Reboleira, Ana Sofia PS (2022)

Scientific Reports

Chemical manipulation of mitochondrial function affects metabolism of red carotenoids in a marine copepod (Tigriopus californicus)

Powers, Matthew J; Baty, James A; Dinga, Alexis M; Mao, James H; Hill, Geoffrey E (2022)

Journal of Experimental Biology

Polystyrene Microparticles and the Functional Traits of Invertebrates: A Case Study on Freshwater Shrimp Neocardina heteropoda

Kučera, Jozef; Púček Belišová, Noemi; Mackuľak, Tomáš; Ryba, Jozef; Douda, Karel; Bondarev, Dmitrij; Slavík, Ondrej; Tamáš, Michal; Escobar Calderon, Juan Felipe; Horký, Pavel (2022)


Parental exposure to ocean acidification impacts gamete production and physiology but not offspring performance in Nematostella vectensis

Glass, Benjamin H; Schmitt, Angela H; Brown, Kristen T; Speer, Kelsey F; Barott, Katie L (2023)

Biology Open

Physiological costs of facultative endosymbionts in aphids assessed from energy metabolism

Clavé, Corentin; Sugio, Akiko; Morlière, Stéphanie; Pincebourde, Sylvain; Simon, Jean‐Christophe; Foray, Vincent (2022)

Functional Ecology

Toxicity Assessment of an Anti-Cancer Drug of p-Toluene Sulfonamide in Zebrafish Larvae Based on Cardiovascular and Locomotion Activities

Young, Andrew Yau Wah; Audira, Gilbert; Saputra, Ferry; Alos, Honeymae C; Aventurado, Charlaine A; Lai, Yu-Heng; Vasquez, Ross D; Hsiao, Chung-Der; Hung, Chih-Hsin (2022)


Metabolic phenotype mediates the outcome of competitive interactions in a response‐surface field experiment

Schuster, Lukas; White, Craig R; Marshall, Dustin J (2021)

Ecology and Evolution

Symbiont genotype influences holobiont response to increased temperature

Moffat, Jennica J; Coffroth, Mary Alice; Wallingford, Piper D; terHorst, Casey P (2022)

Scientific Reports

Metabolic responses to crude oil during early life stages reveal critical developmental windows in the zebrafish (Danio rerio)

Roman, Karem N Vazquez; Burggren, Warren W (2022)

Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part C: Toxicology & Pharmacology

Clownfish larvae exhibit faster growth, higher metabolic rates and altered gene expression under future ocean warming

Moore, Billy; Jolly, Jeffrey; Izumiyama, Michael; Kawai, Erina; Ryu, Taewoo; Ravasi, Timothy (2023)

Science of The Total Environment

Effects of elevated CO2 on metabolic rate and nitrogenous waste handling in the early life stages of yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares)

Heuer, Rachael M; Wang, Yadong; Pasparakis, Christina; Zhang, Wenlong; Scholey, Vernon; Margulies, Daniel; Grosell, Martin (2023)

Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part A: Molecular & Integrative Physiology

Exposure to low environmental copper concentrations does not affect survival and development in Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) early life stages

Farkas, Julia; Svendheim, Linn H; Jager, Tjalling; Ciesielski, Tomasz M; Nordtug, Trond; Kvæstad, Bjarne; Hansen, Bjørn H; Kristensen, Torstein; Altin, Dag; Olsvik, Pål A (2021)

Toxicology Reports

Can short-term data accurately model long-term environmental exposures? Investigating the multigenerational adaptation potential of Daphnia magna to environmental concentrations of organic ultraviolet filters

Boyd, Aaron; Choi, Jessica; Ren, Grace; How, Zuo Tong; El-Din, Mohamed Gamal; Tierney, Keith B; Blewett, Tamzin A (2023)

Journal of Hazardous Materials

Polystyrene nanoplastics enhance the toxicological effects of DDE in zebrafish (Danio rerio) larvae

Varshney, Shubham; Gora, Adnan H; Kiron, Viswanath; Siriyappagouder, Prabhugouda; Dahle, Dalia; Kögel, Tanja; Ørnsrud, Robin; Olsvik, Pål A (2023)

Science of the Total Environment

Toxicological effects of 6PPD and 6PPD quinone in zebrafish larvae

Varshney, Shubham; Gora, Adnan H; Siriyappagouder, Prabhugouda; Kiron, Viswanath; Olsvik, Pål A; (2022)

Journal of Hazardous Materials

Swimming activity as an indicator of seasonal diapause in the copepod Calanus finmarchicus

Grigor, Jordan J; Freer, Jennifer J; Tarling, Geraint A; Cohen, Jonathan H; Last, Kim S; (2022)

Frontiers in Marine Science

Individual variation in growth and physiology of symbionts in response to temperature

terHorst, Casey P; Coffroth, Mary Alice; (2022)

Ecology and Evolution

The regulation of heart rate following genetic deletion of the ß1 adrenergic receptor in larval zebrafish

Joyce, William; Pan, Yihang K; Garvey, Kayla; Saxena, Vishal; Perry, Steve F; (2022)

Acta Physiologica

Metabolism drives demography in an experimental field test

Schuster, Lukas; Cameron, Hayley; White, Craig R; Marshall, Dustin J; (2021)

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

University of Alabama at Birmingham Nathan Shock Center: comparative energetics of aging

Austad, Steven N; Buford, Thomas W; Allison, David B; Ballinger, Scott; Brown, Andrew W; Carter, Christy S; Darley-Usmar, Victor M; Hartman, John L; Nagy, Timothy R; Smith, Daniel L; (2021)


Role of the cardiovascular system in ammonia excretion in early life stages of zebrafish (Danio rerio)

Wang, Yadong; Pasparakis, Christina; Grosell, Martin; (2021)

American Journal of Physiology-Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology

Effects of mine tailing exposure on early life stages of cod (Gadus morhua) and haddock (Melanogrammus aeglefinus)

Farkas, Julia; Nordtug, Trond; Svendheim, Linn H; Amico, Elettra D; Davies, Emlyn J; Ciesielski, Tomasz; Jenssen, Bjørn Munro; Kristensen, Torstein; Olsvik, Pål A; Hansen, Bjørn Henrik; (2021)

Environmental Research

An integrated in vivo and in silico analysis of the metabolism disrupting effects of CPI-613 on embryo-larval zebrafish (Danio rerio)

Hala, David; Faulkner, Patricia; He, Kai; Kamalanathan, Manoj; Brink, Mikeelee; Simons, Kristina; Apaydin, Meltem; Hernout, Beatrice; Petersen, Lene H; Ivanov, Ivan; (2021)

Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part C: Toxicology & Pharmacology

Effects of marine mine tailing exposure on the development, growth, and lipid accumulation in Calanus finmarchicus

Svendheim, Linn H; Jager, Tjalling; Olsvik, Pål A; Øverjordet, Ida Beathe; Ciesielski, Tomasz M; Nordtug, Trond; Kristensen, Torstein; Hansen, Bjørn Henrik; Kvæstad, Bjarne; Altin, Dag; (2021)


Does hypoxia-inducible factor 1α play a role in regulating cutaneous oxygen flux in larval zebrafish (Danio rerio)?

Parker, Julian J; Perry, Steve F; (2021)

Journal of Comparative Physiology B

Effects of temperature on hatching and growth performance of embryos and yolk-sac larvae of a threatened estuarine fish: Longfin smelt (Spirinchus thaleichthys)

Yanagitsuru, Yuzo R; Main, Madison A; Lewis, Levi S; Hobbs, James A; Hung, Tien-Chieh; Connon, Richard E; Fangue, Nann A; (2021)


Respirometry and cutaneous oxygen flux measurements reveal a negligible aerobic cost of ion regulation in larval zebrafish (Danio rerio)

Parker, Julian J; Zimmer, Alex M; Perry, Steve F; (2020)

Journal of Experimental Biology

Physiological condition of Eastern Baltic cod, Gadus morhua, infected with the parasitic nematode Contracaecum osculatum

Ryberg, Marie Plambech; Skov, Peter V; Vendramin, Niccolò; Buchmann, Kurt; Nielsen, Anders; Behrens, Jane W; (2020)

Conservation physiology

Acidification and hypoxia interactively affect metabolism in embryos, but not larvae, of the coastal forage fish Menidia menidia

Schwemmer, TG; Baumann, H; Murray, CS; Molina, AI; Nye, JA; (2020)

Journal of Experimental Biology

Metabolic rate, context‐dependent selection, and the competition‐colonization trade‐off

Pettersen, Amanda K; Hall, Matthew D; White, Craig R; Marshall, Dustin J; (2020)

Evolution Letters

Relationships between the peak hypoxic ventilatory response and critical O2 tension in larval and adult zebrafish (Danio rerio)

Mandic, Milica; Pan, Yihang K; Gilmour, Kathleen M; Perry, Steve F; (2020)

Journal of Experimental Biology

Lifetime eurythermy by seasonally matched thermal performance of developmental stages in an annual aquatic insect

Uno, Hiromi; Stillman, Jonathon H; (2020)


Assessment of a microplate system for measuring individual real-time respiration in small model organisms of aging

Turner, Ashley N; Hoffman, Jessica M; Powell, Mickie L; Sammy, Melissa J; Moellering, Douglas R; Nagy, Tim R; Austad, Steven N; Smith, Daniel L; (2019)

Innovation in Aging

Warm and out of breath: thermal phenotypic plasticity in oxygen supply

Kielland, Øystein Nordeide; Bech, Claus; Einum, Sigurd; (2019)

Functional Ecology

3-ketodihydrosphingosine reductase mutation induces steatosis and hepatic injury in zebrafish

Park, Ki-Hoon; Ye, Zhi-wei; Zhang, Jie; Hammad, Samar M; Townsend, Danyelle M; Rockey, Don C; Kim, Seok-Hyung; (2019)

Scientific reports

Genetic Variation in Metabolic Rate and Correlations with Other Energy Budget Components and Life History in Daphnia magna

Einum, Sigurd; Fossen, Erlend IF; Parry, Victor; Pélabon, Christophe; (2019)

Evolutionary Biology

Species interactions mediate thermal evolution

Tseng, Michelle; Bernhardt, Joey R; Chila, Alexander E; (2019)

Evolutionary Applications

Water-soluble fraction of crude oil affects variability and has transgenerational effects in Daphnia magna

Nikinmaa, Mikko; Suominen, Emilie; Anttila, Katja; (2019)

Aquatic Toxicology

New insights into the biology of Calanus spp. (Copepoda) males in the Arctic

Daase, Malin; Kosobokova, Ksenia; Last, Kim S; Cohen, Jonathan H; Choquet, Marvin; Hatlebakk, Maja; Søreide, Janne E; (2018)

Marine Ecology Progress Series

Survival, metabolic rates and locomotory activities of a groundwater-obligate copepod species under long-term exposures to tetrachloroethylene

Di Lorenzo, Tiziana; Di Marzio, Walter; Piccini, Leonardo; Messana, Giuseppe; Sáenz, Maria; Galassi, Diana; (2018)

ARPHA Conference Abstracts

Effect of Temperature Rising on the Stygobitic Crustacean Species Diacyclops belgicus: Does Global Warming Affect Groundwater Populations?

Di Lorenzo, Tiziana; Galassi, Diana Maria Paola; (2017)


No evidence for thermal transgenerational plasticity in metabolism when minimizing the potential forconfounding effects.

ØN Kielland, C Bech & S Einum (2017)

Proceedings of the Royal Society B

Assessing the morphological and physiological adaptations of the parasitoid wasp Echthrodesis lamorali for survival in an intertidal environment.

CA Owen, J Coetzee, S Van Noort & AD Austin (2017)

Physiological Entomology

Thermal windows and metabolic performance curves in a developing Antarctic fish

Flynn, Erin E; Todgham, Anne E; (2018)

Journal of Comparative Physiology B

Does the cost of development scale allometrically with offspring size?

Pettersen, Amanda K; White, Craig R; Bryson‐Richardson, Robert J; Marshall, Dustin J; (2017)

Functional Ecology

Cardio-respirometry disruption in zebrafish (Danio rerio) embryos exposed to hydraulic fracturing flowback and produced water

Folkerts, Erik J; Blewett, Tamzin A; He, Yuhe; Goss, Greg G; (2017)

Environmental Pollution

Effects of thermal stress and nitrate enrichment on the larval performance of two Caribbean reef corals

Serrano, Xaymara M; Miller, Margaret W; Hendee, James C; Jensen, Brittany A; Gapayao, Justine Z; Pasparakis, Christina; Grosell, Martin; Baker, Andrew C; (2017)

Coral Reefs

Combined effects of oil exposure, temperature and ultraviolet radiation on buoyancy and oxygen consumption of embryonic mahi-mahi, Coryphaena hippurus

Pasparakis, Christina; Sweet, Lauren E; Stieglitz, John D; Benetti, Daniel; Casente, Conrad T; Roberts, Aaron P; Grosell, Martin (2017)

Aquatic Toxicology

Metabolic rate covaries with fitness and the pace of the life history in the field.

AK Pettersen, CR White & DJ Marshall (2016)

Proceedings of the Royal Society B

Negative relationships between population density and metabolic rates are not general.

V Yashchenko, EI Fossen, ØN Kielland & S Einum (2016)

Journal of Animal Ecology

Hypoxia depresses CYP1A induction and enhances DNA damage, buth as minimal effects on antioxidant responses in sheepshead minnow (Cyprinodon variegatus) larvae exposed to dispersed crude oil.

S Dasgupta, RT DiGiulio, BD Drollette, DL Plata, BJ Brownawell & AE McElroy (2016)

Aquatic Toxicology

Effects of Deepwater Horizon crude oil exposure, temperature and developmental stage on oxygen consumption of embryonic and larval mahi-mahi (Coryphaena hippurus).

C Pasparakis, EM Mager, JD Stieglitz, D Benetti & M Grosell (2016)

Aquatic Toxicology

Why does offspring size affect performance? Integrating metabolic scaling with life-history theory.

AK Pettersen, CR White & DJ Marshall (2015)

Proceedings of the Royal Society B