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LoliGO App Mobile app for Android and iOS

This free smartphone App is made to help users of Loligo® products doing long-terms experiments
or working in remote labs safeguard experimental animals and data by providing vital notifications
in case of power outs in the lab or computer failures. You can also use the App to watch data graphs
in real-time and set up alarms in case of critical water quality, e.g., high temperature in your tanks.
We hope that the LoliGO App will help users of our software programs save time and experiments.

• Get notified in case of computer crash or power outage
• Alarm notifications based on parameter triggers, e.g., if temperature rise above a critical level
• Monitor data graphs in real-time, e.g., temperature, oxygen, salinity, pH/CO2
• Share access to experiment data between, e.g., a shared lab profile
• Data is stored safely and temporarily using a secure cloud-service

The LoliGO App is currently working with AutoResp™ v3.2.0, but it will work with future
updates of other Loligo® software soon.

Version: 1.1
Loligo For Ios
Loligo For Android