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Shuttle tank

From 1,200.00 (EUR)

Shuttle tank for testing aquatic animal behavior in different controlled environments.

Use our tank to test the behavior of animals moving freely between zones of different water temperature, oxygen, salinity, turbidity, pollutants etc. It is also possible to set up a combination of different environmental effects, e.g., simultaneous exposure to increased temperatures and oxygen depletion.

The Shuttle tank is an 8-figure shaped tank in which an animal can shuttle between two compartments via a short passage. Water is slowly rotating inside each sub compartment preventing any mixing of water between the two.

Buffer tank for Shuttle tank

From 180.00 (EUR)

This buffer tank is made use with a Loligo® shuttle tank and has the volume and ports needed for feeding the tank with a continuous flow of water by gravity and regulating water quality (temperature, oxygen, pH/CO2, salinity).

Choice tank

6,500.00 (EUR)

Use this dual choice tank to test the behavior of aquatic animals moving freely between two slowly moving water columns with differing water quality (chemicals, DO, pH, CO2, turbidity etc.).  

The hydrodynamic design of the choice tank creates a sharp and stable horizontal gradient inside the 32 x 40 cm test area where the animal is given a free choice of movement between two water qualities. The water depth in the tank can be set to 5, 10 or 15 cm depending on the type and size of animals or the application.

The choice tank comes with flow meters for accurate matching of flow rates from two header tanks (if feeding the tank by gravity) or two recirculatory pumps (excl.).

We offer customer-specified tanks upon request.