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24-well glass microplate (80 uL)

From 2,500.00 (EUR)

We have developed and manufacture this re-usable 24-well glass microtiter plate for high through-put respiration measurements in tiny aquatic organisms like zebrafish embryos, Daphnia, fish/invert eggs or larvae, Drosophila etc. Individual organisms are placed inside gas-tight 80-1700 µl glass chambers sealed with an impermeable PCR film for real-time oxygen consumption rate measurements. The glass material provides non-permeable surfaces, unlike ordinary well plates that are made of gas permeable plastics. Each well is fitted with an oxygen sensor spot allowing for non-invasive optical oxygen measurements when placing the microplate on a special reader. The glass microplate and sensor spots can be cleaned with chlorine, ethanol etc. between trials and re-calibrated and thus used again and again.

Multi Bio 3D

660.00 (EUR)

Easily programmable 3D mini-shaker with orbital 3D rotation, reciprocal 3D motion as well as soft vibrating rocking of the platform. These three motion types can be performed separately, pairwise and in cycles, periodically repeating the sequence of three motion types. Non–slip, temperature resistant, silicone mat located on the shaker platform provides stable position for vessels during shaking.


The shaker can be used in cold rooms or incubators, operating at ambient temperature range +4 °C to +40 °C.


We recommend this shaker for agitating the medium inside the microplate glass plate wells. Use orbital 3D rotation type for maximum effect.

Water bath for microplate

250.00 (EUR)

This flow-through water bath for a single glass microplate, fits snug over the microplate reader offering a way of holding the microplate in place so that the 24 oxygen sensor spots are centered directly over the 24 LED light sources for optimum signal strength. The water bath have ports for passing a flow of chilled/heated water over the microplate, i.e. making it possible to measure aquatic respiration rates at any environmental temperature.

Oxygen sensor spots for microplate, 5 pcs

From 125.00 (EUR)

These oxygen sensor spots are compatible with the microplate reader and can be used as replacements for any damaged or bleached spots in your Loligo® glass microplates (vol. 80-1700 µl). Please visit our FAQ for instructions on how to mount spots. The sensor spots come pre-calibrated, but the microplate reader software also offer a 1-point and 2-point calibration option.

A black optical isolation layer shields the oxygen sensitive dye, so this sensor can be used in ambient light or even at illumination, e.g. for photosynthesis applications. The sensor spot can be cleaned with ethanol and is therefore reusable.

Microplate sealing film (100 pcs)

85.00 (EUR)


  • Adhesive clear polyester film
  • Waterproof film – prevents spills and contamination
  • Reduces sample evaporation


Self-sticking waterproof PCR film used for sealing our glass microplates for microplate respirometry.

Watch this tutorial on how to attach the PCR film.

Plate roller for microplate sealing film

60.00 (EUR)

Use this handy plate roller to apply the microplate sealing film to our microplate glass plates. The sturdy plastic handle and semi-hard roller head are ideal for complete and easy applications of film.

Guide for microplate

90.00 (EUR)

This microplate guide fits snug over the microplate reader offering a quick and effortless way of holding the microplate in place so that the 24 oxygen sensor spots are centered directly over the 24 LED light sources for optimum signal strength. The guide is made for applications where an incubator is used for temperature control of the microplate respirometry system. This guide is not needed if using the flow-through water bath for temperature control.

Compression block for microplate

130.00 (EUR)

When placed on top of the soft silicone gasket used with our glass microplates, it will apply adequate pressure for a gas-tight seal to form, thus allowing for respiration measurements.