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Glass chamber

From 175.00 (EUR)


  • Borosilicate glass materials to avoid O2 storage/release
  • Ground glass joint stopper for 100 % gas and water tight chamber
  • 2 x 2 ports for intermittent flow respirometry
  • For use in both full strength sea water and fresh water
  • Easy tool-free handling and cleaning
  • Optional replacement tubes for shorter/longer chambers


These tube-shaped borosilicate glass chambers are designed for measurements of oxygen consumption rates in resting/inactive aquatic organisms (e.g., fish or inverts), and have ports for intermittent respirometry.

The ground glass joint stopper makes for a gas and water tight seal, and can be combined with tubes with similar inner diameter (ID) but different lengths to get a range of volumes/sizes.

Glass chamber stopper

From 100.00 (EUR)

Mini chamber stopper with two borosilicate glass ports for flushing/mixing the chamber or for injecting sample or substances. The ground glass joint provides 100 % tight seal when the chamber is closed.

Glass chamber tube

From 100.00 (EUR)

With this replacement tube, you can build a longer or shorter respirometer chamber using a glass stopper with similar inner diameter (ID).

Water bath for glass chambers

From 840.00 (EUR)


  • Water bath for glass resting chambers
  • Made from transparent acrylics
  • Comes with transparent lid and ½” fittings for running thermostatic water through it
  • For use with our horizontal glass chambers
  • Does not include miniature DC pumps, chamber holder or glass chambers


This acrylic water bath is used for keeping the temperature stable during respirometry experiments with our horizontal glass chambers. The transparent acrylic allows for clear viewing of the glass chambers (and animals), and 8 x miniature DC pumps can be fitted underneath the bottom for flushing and recirculation of the glass chambers. Two ½” fitting ports are present on the front and back of the water bath which makes it possible to run water through the bath. As such, the water bath is ideal for regulating the water quality (e.g., temperature and/or oxygen level) which can then be introduced into the glass chambers via the flush pumps. A transparent acrylic lid is included for improved water quality regulation. Two unbraco bolts are mounted into the bottom of the bath for securing an optional glass chamber holder.

Adapter rings for glass chambers

From 120.00 (EUR)

These adapter rings (set of four rings) can be used to fix mini chamber (horizontal) and/or mini chamber (vertical) in our water bath for mini chambers.

Holder for glass chambers

From 525.00 (EUR)

Use this holder with up to four horizontal glass chambers ID 9-28 mm.

To hold chambers of different dimensions, we offer adapter rings that matches the outer diameter of each available chamber.

The holder can be mounted inside a water bath for thermostatic control.

For each chamber, there is a fixture for an external fiber optic cable required for oxygen or pH sensor spots.