Add-on resting respirometry system


Resting Respirometry System Add On Vertical Multi
Resting Respirometry System Add On Vertical Multi

This add-on resting respirometry system includes 4 additional vertical chambers and all required accessories for your core resting respirometry system.


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These products are included in the system:


PowerX4 (LAN/Bluetooth power strip-230V/50Hz)
Powerx4 ISO (1)

Use this industrial grade 4-fold power strip for software-driven control and monitoring of equipment via LAN/Ethernet or Bluetooth.

Connect pumps, solenoid valves, or stirrers to one of four independent electrical sockets switching at zero current (ZCS), e.g., for automated respirometry, water quality regulation, shuttle box experiments etc.

Electrical parameters like input voltage and power consumption (in Amps) for each relay, can be monitored and logged in Loligo® software for diagnostics of connected appliances.

Witrox 4 oxygen meter for mini sensors (4xO₂/1xtemp)


  • Real-time compensation for temperature, salinity and barometric pressure
  • Measure oxygen in: % air saturation, % oxygen saturation, kPa, Torr, mg/L, mmol or ml/L.
  • Unbeaten precision and stability with mini optodes
  • Measure oxygen in both liquid and gas phase
  • No oxygen consumption by sensor
  • Immune to electrical and magnetic interference
  • Oxygen sensing based on luminescence lifetime detection
  • Wide variety of mini sensors available
  • Excellent long-term stability
  • Multiple instruments systems - use up to 7 instruments with a single PC 
  • Minimum footprint


Witrox 4 is a four-channel oxygen instrument for use with fiber optic mini sensors (optodes). It has a build-in Bluetooth transmitter for wireless PC communication, and includes a high accuracy temperature sensor and software for compensation of oxygen data to changes in temperature, salinity or barometric pressure in real-time.

We developed Witrox 4 for the most challenging environments and applications. The wireless Bluetooth 2.0 communication allows you to keep that vulnerable PC/Notebook at a distance avoiding hazards like water or blood. Also problems associated with USB and serial communication are avoided, and the rugged compact design offers excellent protection and take up minimum bench space. 
The instrument comes with easy-to-use software for Windows, and a 4-wire Pt1000 temperature sensor (Class B 1/3 DIN) with +/- 0.15 °C accuracy for 5-digits real-time compensation of oxygen data.

A PC computer with Bluetooth 2.0 or higher (build-in or dongle) is required for operation.


How does it work?

The instrument LEDs emit blue-green light that excites the oxygen mini sensor (optode) to emit fluorescence. If the oxygen sensitive dye encounters an oxygen molecule, the excess energy is transferred to the oxygen molecule in a non-radiative transfer, decreasing or quenching the fluorescence signal. The degree of quenching correlates to the partial pressure of oxygen inside the dye matrix, which is in dynamic equilibrium with oxygen in the sample. The decay time measurement is internally referenced.

For more details, and a diagram on this measurement principle, go to our FAQ.


Software for Witrox 4

WitroxView 2 is a free data monitoring and logging software for use with our Witrox 1 and 4 oxygen instruments. The latest version can be downloaded here.


Included with the Witrox 4


Flow-through oxygen cell (10mm)
Flow Through Oxygen Cell OX11220


  • Easy to handle
  • Very robust sensor
  • Excellent long-term stability
  • No self-consumption of oxygen
  • Signal independent on flow velocity
  • Insensible towards electrical interferences
  • Measures oxygen in liquids as well as in gas phase


This flow-through oxygen mini sensor requires a fiber cable with bare tip for use with Witrox 1 and Witrox 4 instruments. The re-usable (non-disposable) oxygen sensor has excellent long-term stability. Clean it with ethanol or even ETO, recalibrate, and use it again and again.


Fiber cable (bare tip)
Fiber Cable Bare Tip

A polymer optical fiber is needed as a light guide between the fiber optic instrument and the sensor spots.

Acrylic chamber (vertical)

Acrylic chamber (Vertical/ID42/D25)
V ID42 D25 CHAMBER.475


  • Fittings/ports for intermittent flow respirometry
  • Special dimensions to fit your research animal
  • For use in both sea and fresh water
  • Easy tool-free handling and cleaning 


Respirometer chamber for oxygen consumption measurements in inactive / resting (not swimming) fish and aquatic invertebrates.

Use the respirometers with your own oxygen and data acquisition equipment or with our systems for automatic respirometry.

For oxygen consumption measurements we made a basic large chamber system including the minimum equipment required.


Eheim Universal 1046 pump (5L/min/230V/50Hz)
Eheim Pump

German-made submersible Eheim pump (centrifugal) for use in sea and fresh water.


Toxic-free PVC tube, per metre (ID8mm)
Toxic Free PVC Tubing


  • Flexible (dim) PVC tubing
  • Use for toxic-free applications


This toxic-free tubing is made from very flexible PVC and has a translucent appearance. The tubing is ideal for use in our any of our systems to connect pumps, chambers, fittings etc. The translucent characteristic makes it easy to monitor for air bubbles or other unwanted elements inside the tubing.


Hose barbed elbow (8-10 mm tube)

Plastic hose barbed elbow fitting for ID 8-10 mm tubing.

This fitting is ideal to use with the tubing for our acrylic resting chamber setups to avoid tube kinks and to reduce overall tube volume.


These products are optional for the selected system:


Powerx4 ISO (1)

(LAN/Bluetooth power strip-230V/50Hz)


Gas control set


Temperature control set



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