Flow Tracking System (DPTV)



  • Everything needed for automated water velocity measurements
  • Calibrate water velocities in our Blazka-type 170 ml and 1500 ml swim tunnels
  • User-friendly DPTV 2 software for Windows 11
  • Easy auto-calibration: Control swim tunnel motor and real-time video tracking
  • 2D video tracking of green laser illuminated fluorescent spheres with neutral buoyancy
  • Export calibration data directly to AutoResp™ 3


The flow tracking system is used for automated measurements of water velocities in recti-linear flows. The system uses digital particle tracking velocimetry (DPTV) to help measure and calibrate the water velocities in our smallest swim tunnels, i.e., the 170 ml and 1500 ml swim tunnel. The easy-to-use DPTV 2 software further allows for direct export of calibration data to our AutoResp™ 3 software. Calibrating your swim tunnel has never been easier!

Automated calibration

The intuitive and included DPTV 2 software connects to your swim tunnel motor via a DAQ-BT (not included) to control the motor speed and thus the water velocity. In DPTV 2, simply click Start tracking to automatically track the spheres at different water velocities. The calibration data file then imports directly into AutoResp™ 3, so that your swim tunnel is ready to go.

DPTV 2 software

Have a look at our quick introduction video to the DPTV 2 software that comes with the system.

Included with the system

Use the included 5 MP USB 3.1 camera and lens to film the green, fluorescent, neutral buoyancy spheres.

The spheres are illuminated using a high-powered laser and a light guide, which creates optimal contrast for 2D video tracking of the spheres. A pair of professional grade protection glasses is included for your safety.

Need help?

If you need help to get started with the software, have a look in our DPTV 2 quick guide or visit our YouTube channel for useful video tutorials.


This is product data for the selected system:


These products are included in the system:


DPTV version 2 Digital particle tracking velocimetry software
DPTV 2 Product


  • User-friendly software for automated water velocity measurements
  • Auto calibration function with software controls of swim tunnel motor and real-time video tracking of fluorescent spheres
  • 2D video tracking of green laser illuminated fluorescent spheres with neutral buoyancy
  • Export calibration file to use directly in our swim tunnel software
  • Built-in video recording mode


DPTV 2 is fast and intuitive video tracking software for non-invasive measurements of water velocity in rectilinear flows. DPTV 2 is the ideal tool for water velocity calibrations in 170 mL and 1500 mL Loligo® swim tunnels and other Blazka-type swim tunnels with limited access or space for flow probes. The software is also part of our flow tracking system.

The velocity measurements are based on 2D video tracking of green laser illuminated fluorescent spheres with neutral buoyancy. DPTV 2 will automatically calculate average flow velocities and direction from video images, and provide a calibration file that can be used directly in our different swim tunnel software. You can also perform a manual velocity calibration using recorded video files from your own camera or from a camera system from us.

Please note that you will need a DAQ-BT device and one of our cameras to fully automate the calibration procedure in DPTV 2, and for real-time flow measurements.

There is a free DPTV 2 demo available.

Green fluorescent PE micro spheres
Fluorescent Green PE Microspheres 2 Low

Bright fluorescent green microspheres (dia. 180-212 µm) specifically designed with density 1.00 g/cc for neutral buoyancy in freshwater, enabling flow visualization and analysis of fluid motion in swim tunnels, flumes, flow tanks etc. The spheres exhibit a strong fluorescent response and are color stable in solution.

Green laser pointer
Laser Pointer

Green 350 mW laser with SMA connector for connecting a fiber optic cable used in our DPTV (Digital Particle Tracking Velocimetry) system. The laser pointer comes with a rechargeable battery and charger. The laser is powerful enough to light matches and is for professional use only. Leave it on for max 30 seconds at a time, and then allow min 30 seconds to cool down. Use protective glasses at all times. This is not a toy and it is MUCH more powerful than a laser pointer used for presentations.

Fiber optic light guide
Fiber Optic Light Guide

Fiber optic light guide with steel housing and SMA connector for use with our DPTV (Digital Particle Tracking Velocimetry) system.

Protection glasses
Protection Glasses AC10554

Protection glasses for use with our green laser pointer for use with our DPTV (Digital Particle Tracking Velocimetry) system.


Video camera (5MP/USB3.1)
USB C Camera


  • Compact USB 3.1 camera
  • 5 MP CMOS sensor
  • USB Type-C connector
  • For use with IR lighting


This high value for money, compact, and industrial German C-mount camera with SuperSpeed USB 5 Gbps is equipped with the versatile 1/2.5" 5.04 MP CMOS sensor ON Semiconductor and USB Type-C connector. It is ideally suited for microscopy and lab applications requiring high image resolution, and for applications with poor or changing lighting conditions. The camera comes without IR filter making it ideal for use with our IR lighting panels for applications requiring back illumination, e.g., shuttle tanks.

Included with the camera:

  • USB cable (3 m)
  • Tripod adapter plate with 6.3 mm (¼") camera thread
  • Wall bracket mount with 6.3 mm (¼") camera thread
Monofocal lens (25mm/1/1.8")
Monofocal Lens 25 Mm


  • Professional grade 25 mm monofocal lens
  • For use with C-mount cameras with 1/1.8” sensors
  • Various focal lengths for different applications


This high-quality, 25 mm monofocal lens can be used with C-mount cameras. Optimal camera sensor size is 1/1.8”. The lens has a mechanical adjuster for focus and for aperture. Several different focal lengths are available to meet your specific application.


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DPTV 2 Product
DPTV 2 Upgrade


These files can help you with the selected system:

Swim Tunnels

A step by step guide on how to set up and use the software