Fri, Jun 25 2021

Sponsoring SEB 2021 symposium

We are sponsoring this symposium:


The symposium takes place at the SEB 2021 virtual meeting and features an impressive line-up of speakers and interesting topics.

Aquatic ectotherms are intimately linked to their environment. Daily and seasonal variation in water conditions (e.g., oxygen, salinity) often have dramatic impacts on behavior and physiology of freshwater and marine organisms.

Two critical systems, respiration and osmoregulation, are routinely impacted by variation in the aquatic environment. The “osmo-respiratory compromise” describes the complex interactions between the two systems.

The symposium proposes to gather a group of early career scientists with other later career scientists to explore respiration and osmoregulation in aquatic invertebrates and vertebrates living under diurnal or seasonal environmental fluctuations in various habitats (e.g., tide pools, coral reefs, mangroves).

Invited talks:

Kathleen Gilmour

Lauren Chapman

Anne Todgham

Brad Seibel

Sandra Fehsenfield

Brittney Borowiec


Marina Giacomin

Inga Petersen

Victor Le Layec

Jehan-Hervé Lignot

Felix Mark

Giorgi Dal Pont

Giulia Rossi

Pedro Guerreiro

Jodie Rummer

Chris Wood

Catherine Williams


Jan Knobloch

Quanquan Cao

Shang-Wu Shih

Emily Agreda

Spencer St. John

Laura Mégevand

The meeting is virtual, so we have helped creating an awesome T-shirt designed by Patricia Wright, University of Guelph (photo), for all the speakers to wear during the webinars. See if you can spot them!

Mon, Jun 14 2021

Sponsoring SETAC PNC 2021

We are sponsoring the 2021 SETAC PNC - Laurentian SETAC Joint Annual Meeting!

This year's (virtual) SETAC PNC meeting is taking place from June 14-18th, and with a short-course on Science Communication scheduled for June 17th, 2021.

For more information, please visit: 2021 Joint Annual Meeting | setac-pnc (, and check out the official SETAC_PNC Twitter account (SETAC Prairie Northern (@SETAC_PNC) / Twitter).

Mon, May 31 2021

Sponsoring the Nothobranchius Symposium 2021

The Nothobranchius Symposium 2021 is a biennial meeting that serves as a platform for researchers with an interest in all aspects of Nothobranchius biology from biomedical to ecological research to meet and discuss ideas.

We are sponsoring the symposium which takes place virtually on Zoom, on 3-4 June, 2021, in order to support this interesting scientific community.

Official Twitter account / hashtag: / #Notho2021

For more info about the meeting, please visit:

Tue, May 11 2021

Sponsoring CSZ 2021

We are supporting the Canadian Society of Zoologists 2021 Virtual Meeting as Gold level sponsors.

The CSZ takes place from May 17-21, and the meeting will include award lectures, student and postdoc award competitions, symposia, section meetings, discussion forums and networking events, and the awards ceremony.

Contributed oral and poster presentations will be viewable on-demand, starting the week before the live program begins.

For more information, please visit: CSZ Online 2021 – Canadian Society of Zoologists (, and check out the official CSZ-SCZ Twitter account. Use #CSZSCZ2021

Wed, May 05 2021

New treadmill swim tunnel for walking fish or invertebrates

A new modified version of our 30 L swim tunnel, with a motorized transparent belt that can be operated independently of the water flow, is now available.

We call it a Treadmill Swim Tunnel, and you can use it to force-exercise walking fish like rays or gurnards, crustaceans like crayfish or lobster, and other benthic animals at various speeds.

The moving floor is made from transparent food-grade rubber material allowing filming from below, and the planar lid and wall surrounding the test section also allows for filming/viewing from the top and left side.

The water flow can be adjusted independently from 5-175 cm/sec as for our standard 30 L swim tunnel, by means of a second motor and control box.

Tue, Mar 02 2021

Fish Swimming Course - Summer 2021

If you are an early-career researcher (graduate student or postdoc) interested in fish locomotion and ecophysiology, do not miss this great opportunity. Applications will be accepted for two more weeks (until mid-March 2021).

Friday Harbor Labs are offering a Fish Swimming course taught by Paolo Domenici, John Steffensen and Jacob Johansen for graduate students and postdocs between July 19th and August 20th, 2021.

For more information (including tuition and financial aid) go to:

See also:

Applications will be accepted during the first two weeks of March 2021. Early applications are encouraged, and financial aid is available to students from all countries.

For more information, contact or

Mon, Feb 22 2021

New PCR film for sealing microplates

Based on positive user feedback, we recommend using PCR film, rather than parafilm, to seal our glass microplates when used for closed respirometry. The PCR sealing film that we now offer is a self-sticking clear polyester sheet that simply sticks onto the glass microplate providing a water-tight seal minimizing sample evaporation and contamination.

Watch this tutorial on how to apply the PCR film:

Mon, Jan 18 2021

New quick release lid

Inspired by feedback from the famous Poss Lab at Duke University, we are now offering a new quick release lid for our 5 L and 10 L swim tunnels for fast and effortless addition/removal of animals. This is especially relevant for users that are force-exercising large groups of zebrafish and want to get the fatigued specimens out in no time and without disturbing the rest of the fish or having to stop the experiment.

The lid opening is placed right next to the downstream grid where fatigued fish tend to end up during swimming performance tests. This means that if one or multiple animals get stuck on the grid during swimming, the animals can be quickly removed without having to unscrew the entire lid.

Tue, Jan 05 2021

DPTV 2 complete video tutorial

We have created the complete video tutorial for our new DPTV 2 software. The video shows how easy it is to perform an automated water velocity calibration in one of our mini swim tunnels using a uEye camera and a DAQ-BT device, and how you can perform a manual calibration as well as record your own videos.

We hope you like it. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or want to know more about the DPTV 2 software.