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Core Shuttle Box system

From 14,130.00 (EUR)


  • Turn-key system with everything needed for automated shuttle box experiments
  • Real-time video tracking and behavioral analysis
  • Track multiple objects in a single tank
  • Record video, log data, and regulate water parameters in up to three tanks at a time
  • Use our research-grade video camera equipment or your own camera
  • USB data acquisition and digital relay control of pumps/valves
  • Create or import protocols for water quality regulation
  • Easily set up masks, zones and filter out objects. Change settings during an experiment
  • Comprehensive live and offline data analysis functionality directly in ShuttleSoft 3
  • Batch import and analyze data across multiple experiments
  • Export data as Excel file for further analysis
  • Export recorded video of experiment with or without overlays


Automated shuttle box system for preference/avoidance measurements in aquatic invertebrates or fish. This core system includes a shuttle tank, and everything needed for video behavior analysis, data acquisition, and digital control of experimental devices for water quality regulation.

The animal can "shuttle" freely between the two sub compartments in the shuttle tank. In a dynamic experiment, each compartment can have opposite acting controls, where the animal “controls” the level of the water quality parameter (e.g., oxygen level or temperature) by moving between each compartment. In a static experiment, the water quality parameter is constant and different in each of the compartments making an ideal setup for exposure, avoidance, or choice tests.

The core shuttle box system comes with the ShuttleSoft 3 software – the fast and user-friendly real-time video tracking software for Windows 10. ShuttleSoft 3 allows for data acquisition and in-depth analysis, while providing easy control and setup of hardware and water quality regulation.

There is a free demo of ShuttleSoft 3, and more information on the software is available in our Quick guide for ShuttleSoft 3.

More shuttle tanks
ShuttleSoft 3 can analyze, control, and regulate up three tanks at a time. Our Shuttle Box system (Add-on) will extend your core system with everything needed to run experiments in an extra shuttle tank.

For Witrox users
ShuttleSoft 3 is fully compatible with our Witrox 1 or Witrox 4 oxygen instruments.

Add-on Shuttle Box system

From 6,505.00 (EUR)


  • Add-on system = Add an additional shuttle tank to your core system
  • Includes everything needed to control an additional shuttle tank in ShuttleSoft 3


This is an add-on system for the core Shuttle Box system. The add-on system will upgrade your core shuttle box system with everything needed to run an additional shuttle tank from inside ShuttleSoft 3.

Note that ShuttleSoft 3 can run up to three shuttle tanks from a single PC. If you want to run three shuttle tanks, simply add 2 x Shuttle Box system (Add-on) to your Shuttle Box system (Core).

For Witrox users

ShuttleSoft 3 is fully compatible with our Witrox 1 or Witrox 4 oxygen instruments and can be combined with the WTW instruments.