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OmniCTRL v1

7,500.00 (EUR)


  • Intuitive software for Windows 11 and 10
  • Multiple instruments connect to a single PC via Bluetooth, LAN, or USB
  • Built-in protocol designer – save and load customized protocol files
  • Excellent stability for long-term monitoring/logging/regulation
  • Export time-stamped data in a .csv (Excel) file format or graphs as images


OmniCTRL is user-friendly software for Windows 11/10 that allows you to monitor, log, and regulate water quality parameters in a high number of independent tanks – all from a single PC. It is used with our OmniCTRL systems, and the software communicates seamlessly with required instruments for water parameter sensing, and pump/solenoid valve control for water parameter regulation.

OmniCTRL combines the functionality of the now discontinued WitroxCTRL and CapCTRL programs. You can now monitor, log, and regulate water quality parameters; temperature, oxygen, pH/CO2, and salinity in each independent tank. And with required hardware, you can even combine different parameters, like temperature and oxygen, and include both 1-way (parameter level up OR down) and 2-way regulation (parameter level up AND down). This upgraded version also features several performance improvements and new protocol functionality.

You can create customized protocols for each water quality parameter. The protocol files can be saved and later loaded back into OmniCTRL to save time and for increased consistency of experiments. Each parameter can be controlled and regulated in a stepwise or sinusoid manner, e.g., to mimic natural fluctuations like diurnal changes in oxygen saturation or temperature.

OmniCTRL works with the German WTW instruments for sensing temperatureoxygenpH/CO2, and salinity. The WTW instruments are connected to your PC via USB. For pump and solenoid valve control, you can utilize the functionality of PowerX4. This industrial grade power strip connects to your PC wirelessly via Bluetooth or wired via an LAN/ethernet cable. Finally, Witrox oxygen/temperature instrument owners can benefit from using their Witrox 1 and Witrox 4 in OmniCTRL for unbeaten accuracy and stability of oxygen and temperature data with zero sensor maintenance.

During an experiment, each logged parameter is displayed via real-time graphs for each connected sensing instrument. Each graph can be customized to your liking and exported to Excel or as an image. All logged data also be saved and exported as a .csv file for further analysis in software like Excel.

If you own a previous version of WitroxCTRL (1 or 2) or CapCTRL, you can get OmniCTRL at a reduced price by choosing the OmniCTRL upgrade.

OmniCTRL v1 Upgrade

3,750.00 (EUR)

We offer WitroxCTRL 1-2 and CapCTRL license holders a significant discount, if upgrading to OmniCTRL.

For a full description of OmniCTRL, click here.